Discover French Language and Culture with the Fun and Engaging French in Paris Book Series!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to learn French? Look no further than the French in Paris book series by Romain Rannou!

Romain Rannou is a graduate of Paris IV Sorbonne University in French Literature and Linguistics, and Grenoble Stendhal University in French as a Foreign Language. After working for editors in Paris and Alliance Française in Seoul, he founded Ecole Romain on Jeju-do island in South Korea where he teaches French and also created the French in Paris book series.

This book series is perfect for anyone who wants to learn French or improve their language skills. It’s a comprehensive resource that covers everything from basic vocabulary and grammar to advanced language topics. Each book is filled with colorful illustrations and photos that take you on a journey through the streets of Paris, giving you a real taste of the French language and culture.

But what sets the French in Paris book series apart is its focus on practical language skills. Rather than just teaching you academic French, Romain Rannou emphasizes what it’s really like to speak French in everyday situations. You’ll learn how to order food at a restaurant, ask for directions, and even make small talk with French people!

The French in Paris book series also comes with audio files for each chapter, interactive exercises and activities, and clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary. It’s suitable for beginners to advanced learners, and there’s even a teacher’s edition available for those who want to use it in a classroom setting.

If you’re serious about learning French, the French in Paris book series is a must-have resource. It’s a comprehensive guide that takes you on a journey through the language and culture of France. Plus, it’s written by an experienced French language teacher who knows exactly what it takes to help students succeed.

So why wait? Head to Romain Rannou’s website,, to learn more about the French in Paris book series and start your French language journey today. With this comprehensive resource, you’ll be speaking French like a native in no time!

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