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École Romain, founded by Paris-born Romain Rannou, combines a deep academic foundation in French Literature and Linguistics with practical experience in language education. With a background from Paris IV Sorbonne University and Grenoble Stendhal University, and experience with editors in Paris and the Alliance Française in Seoul, Romain has crafted the innovative “Like a Parisian” series and ecoleromain.com. Our goal is straightforward: immerse learners in real-life Parisian scenarios to master both the French language and culture.

Discover the “Like a Parisian” Series: A Journey into French Life and Language

“Like a Parisian” is not just a series of books; it’s an invitation to dive into the vibrant essence of French culture, crafted with meticulous attention to detail for learners at various stages of their language journey.

Like a Parisian 1 opens the door for beginners, offering a first taste of French through engaging scenarios and dialogues that mirror everyday life in Paris. From ordering in a café to asking for directions, this book ensures a solid foundation in the language, wrapped in the richness of French culture.

Like a Parisian 2 elevates elementary learners with more complex grammatical insights and practical applications. Experience the French way of life, from cuisine and travel to university and leisure, enhancing your conversational skills to navigate past and future discussions.

Like a Parisian 3 challenges intermediate learners with advanced grammatical structures against the backdrop of France’s cultural depth. Share personal stories, discuss future aspirations, and delve into cultural explorations, all while advancing your language prowess.

Like a Parisian 4 takes advanced learners on a deep dive into sophisticated linguistic concepts, intertwined with themes crucial to contemporary French society. Engage with media, politics, and the environment, enriching your understanding of France today.

Each book in the “Like a Parisian” series is a step forward in your journey to not only mastering French but truly living it. At École Romain, we are committed to making this journey as enriching and authentic as possible. Join us to embrace the beauty of French language and culture, and let your journey to fluency be filled with the joy and richness of living like a Parisian.

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