L'école Romain

About us

Hi, my name is Romain Rannou, a graduate of Paris IV Sorbonne University in French Literature and Linguisitic and of Grenoble Stendhal University in French as a Foreign Language. I created the Ecole Romain in Jeju-do island in South Korea where where you can come to learn French with me. I have also created this website and the books’ series French in Paris after having worked for Editors in Paris, and Alliance Française in Seoul, as I wanted to create textbooks which would be less academic and more focused on what it is really like to go to France, meet French people, and have to live there. So I hope you can have fun while learning French and also discover the French culture.

The Books

French in Paris by Ecole Romain is a project of 50 lessons divided into five books from beginners (A0) to  advanced speakers (B2), organized with special care to ensure your smooth and steady progress.  French in Paris is designed to let you study French in the most efficient way as it includes everything you need from pronunciation, basic dialogues and vocabulary to grammar explanations, exercises and activities. Each lesson begins with 2 dialogues in which you discover new words and new structures. Practice your listening skills with the audio tracks, repeat the sentences to improve your pronunciation, check the grammar structures and the vocabulary on the “New Words” pages. Activities and exercises let you learn with practice. Check the corrections to see what you did well and what you didn’t. Like in the Mini lessons, interactivity is key. All audio tracks, corrections and translations can be activated in one click inside the document. Follow Louis, Léa, Nacim, Coralie and many others through their everyday life in France: meeting each other for the first time, making friends, speaking about themselves, describing their environment, asking something, telling what time it is, travelling…