Like a Parisian 2

Building on the foundation set in the first book, Like a Parisian 2 is tailored for elementary-level learners, offering a deeper dive into the French language. This second installment in the Like a Parisian series progresses beyond basic interactions, introducing learners to more complex grammatical structures like the past tense and the near future, as well as relative pronouns. The book is designed around the everyday experiences of foreign students traveling and exploring various aspects of French culture.
What sets this book apart is its focus on practical application in real-life scenarios encountered in France. Students learn to narrate past events, discuss future plans, and describe relationships and objects using relative pronouns, all within the context of engaging situations like sampling French cuisine, navigating travel in France, experiencing university life, and enjoying leisure activities. The book continues to emphasize the series’ signature blend of comprehensive learning with an engaging, culturally immersive approach.