Like a Parisian 1

'Like a Parisian 1' featuring iconic Paris landmarks and a beginner's guide to French language and culture.
Like a Parisian 1, the inaugural book of our educational collection, is specifically designed for beginners to introduce them to the French language. This book focuses on equipping learners with the essentials of French through the context of everyday dialogues and real-life scenarios they are likely to encounter in France.
This volume distinguishes itself by balancing comprehensive educational content with an engaging approach. It is meticulously crafted to ensure that beginners are well-prepared to embark on their language learning journey. Emphasis is placed on acquiring practical skills such as understanding and using basic verbs in the present tense, describing simple actions, communicating about locations and ongoing activities, and asking for the time. These foundational elements are vital for learners to effectively navigate basic interactions, from ordering in a café to asking for directions, or engaging in basic conversations with locals. The book aims not only to teach the language but also to immerse learners in French culture, making their learning experience both enriching and authentic.
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